Guest 18 4th Dec, 2019

                         I wanna fuck Johnny Joestar, yeah, but I'm not gay. Why is it gay to wanna fuck one dude? Like I'd just fuck Johnny, I don't wanna fuck any other dudes, you can fuck one dude and still be perfectly straight. I know for a fact I only wanna fuck Johnny because I tried jerking off to Gyro and Funny Valentine and I came sure but it took me like 2 minutes longer than when I'm looking at Johnny Joestar Rule 34. I just think his pants are cute, okay? I don't think he'd even feel it if I put my dick in his ass because he's a cripple. That's probably why I wanna fuck him, just because I'm curious to see if his tight little asshole can feel anything or if his cock can get hard and if he can feel how tight and warm my asshole is with it. Johnny was probably supposed to be a girl anyway and Araki just forgot, I mean look at his long beautiful hair and his round girlish ass, men don't look like that. Why is it so gay that I jerk off to Johnny Joestar hentai? Why is it so gay to fantasize about how his limp cripple legs would feel flopping around and slamming into your body while you rush his quivering asshole with a flurry of cock punches? I really don't get why that's gay.
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