4 Excellent Features Of User Device Tracker SolarWinds

Luke0004 18 8th Aug, 2019

                         Because of the technology available nowadays, it's now quicker to store, access, edit, and send data via vast computer networks. It takes away the hassle of handling a lot of paperwork and reduces mistakes. But managing such networks also needs lots of patience and effort due to its huge size. To handle such work much easier, using SolarWinds configuration management solutions is an excellent idea, and one of them is SolarWinds User Device Tracker.

This system is used to quickly find several devices and users across your entire network, allowing you to keep track of each one on a regular basis. This assures that your network is risk-free and working correctly. To know more about this particular software, below are its most crucial features:

1. Easy port management

One of the main functions of this User Device Tracker SolarWinds training is the easy management of your ports. Through this software, you can view the descriptions and configurations of your ports, discover how they are being used, and know which of them are at the limit of their capacities. In that way, you can easily figure out how each one works and if there are faults that should be taken care of at once. Apart from this, the User Device Tracker likewise allows you to switch ports on and off remotely to fix security issues.

2. Discovery of unusual activities

By using the User Device Tracker, you will have no problem keeping track of people who utilise your LAN or wireless networks without authorisation as it can send out notifications once this kind of activity is detected. As a result, you can make the necessary safety precautions ahead of time like creating a device watch list or gathering the information from your users. Moreover, this function allows you to analyse questionable events meticulously using the data from user logins and device connections. Here, you can check the time and date when a user logged in to your network as well as the SSD, node port, connection type, or access port that they utilised.

3. Quick device locator

As lots of users can link to your network, it is important that you recognise each one of them. With SolarWinds NCM, you can figure out all of the connected devices on your network by checking out different ports, vendors, nodes, IP or Mac addresses and more. This won't just make monitoring much easier, but it also helps significantly in boosting your network's security.

4. Unified dashboard for administrators

If you are going to utilise the User Device Tracker SolarWinds, chances are that you will be utilising other network management systems as well such as the Network Performance Monitor and IP Address Manager. Operating all of them at once will not be that difficult as the User Device Tracker features a unified dashboard that all administrators can use. In this way, you can merge these systems together for improved monitoring.

When monitoring the devices linked to your network, it's advisable to utilise network management solutions like SolarWinds User Device Tracker to make everything easier. Just always bear in mind to find a dependable and genuine seller of these products to ensure that you will obtain an accurate and functional system.
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