XRumer 18 + Hrefer 5.0 Elite All Plugins Cracked Free Download - Worth 700$

Guest 336 11th Sep, 2019

                         Name : XRumer Cracked + Hrefer + SocPlugin + BlogsPlugin + XEvil

Version : XRumer 18.0.12 Standard + Hrefer 5.0 Professional + BlogsPlugin 1.0.5 + SocPlugin 4.0.31
OS : Windows
Type : Forum Submission, Web 2.0 Poster, URL Havester, Social Poster(Facebook/VK)
Price : $700
Homepage : SalePage

XRumer : This software will help to increase traffic to website to hundreds, thousands times. Program have a rich seven year history, which use experience of professionals in search engine optimization. Appreciate and use a truly unique and powerful XRumer program, can both professionals and beginners.
Hrefer : Helper program Hrefer — is the program created to search for the new links to forums, guestbooks, blogs, Wiki, etc. that can then be used as a target list for the main XRumer application. This software is used to automatically parse results from most popular Search Engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex, with highly diversified queries for maximum efficiency.
SocPlugin : A new tool that works with most popular social networks: posting, inviting, commenting, liking, autofilling, and a lot of more important functions.
BlogsPlugin : A new tool that works with most popular blog-platforms.It was created for work with Web 2.0


Success rate is higher

+ With new version of XRumer crack free download will be possible to pass automatically such popular protections as ReCaptcha and DLE-captcha (ReCaptcha is used on more than 30% of resources; same as DLE-captcha become very popular). New version of XRumer can bypass 7 new most popular graphical protections.
+ Very often the problem with successful registration and posting is related with existences of non standard fields on forums. This problem can be solved with new intellectual system, that allow to fulfill, even, unknown fields, as select, checkbox, radio button.
+ Very good improvement of work of Mass-PM mode: bypass the restrictions set by administration of forums will accelerate sending of private messages to tens or even hundreds of times.
+ Improvement of ref-spam: the processing of Java from counters on websites allows getting the domain in ref.list on Liveinternet.ru, Top.Mail.ru and any other counters.
+ New method of index of content will increase the speed and thematic of “AntiSpam” system


+ New tool will simplify the creation of mods for XRumer crack. It’s not necessary to know HTML, PHP or any other languages. New mod can be created in 2 clicks!
+ By creating some useful mods and selling it with $10, during 1 month you will get $10.000 from 1000 sales. The notification about new mod will get all our customers automatically.
+ The protection system of mods from illegal copying, and convenient system of switching between modes will expand the market. The opportunities of development of XRumer will be unlimited.


In new XRumer is finished the plugin AutoDating (for posting by Mamba and Loveplanet):

+ Autoreply option gives 100% guarantee of protection from banning of profile.
+ Facilities of Vip user.
+ Improved work of collecting of profiles.
+ Multithreading and ability of usage of list of profiles;
+ Export / import of lists, filtering;
+ Usage of proxies/SOCKS
We remind you that captcha from Mamba and Loveplanet is recognized in automatic mode, no need to use any third-party services.


On this plugin we are working for a long time, and it can be considered most multifunctional among other programs.

+ Captcha is recognized automatically for Odnoklassniki.ru, Vkontakte.ru and Facebook.com. No need to use any services to decode captcha.
+ Different ways to collect profiles, checking and filtering of them
+ The possibility of sending PM, posts on forums/boards, comments to photo, add pictures to forums/boards, send gifts etc.
+ Using of proxy/SOCKS
+ Usage of schedule
+ Auto invite in different groups
+ Possibility to use variation system and macros
+ Multi-threading process of list of profiles.

Integration with third-party programs

Advanced Control System allows to integrate XRumer program with third-party programs that operate from outside, including remotely. This allows to create automated systems that will completely avoid the routine:

+ Manage the program through command line(keys)
+ Control the program via remote scripts (the program regularly sends the request and perform the tasks )
+ New opportunities for auto- filtering and auto-checking of lists of links, downloading new databases etc.

This is not the full list of updates and improvements planned to be done. We chose 5 directions of adding traffic and added 1 more from us.

New version of XRumer will bring our software to new level, and flexible system of creating of mods makes the development of XRumer unlimited and endless.



 XRUMER 12 :

Pass : blackhatprotools.com
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