Guest 21 2nd Dec, 2019

                         Dear [Hiring Manager],

I wanted to check in on the final round interview[s] for the [Job Name] position with [Candidate(s)’s Name]. How did everything go?

We’ve heard from feedback that Hiring Manager’s would really appreciate additional support on the final stages of the recruitment process. I’m happy to share that recruiters are now handling the offer stage! I’ll be working closely with you to make sure we are aligned on offer details, but I will create and send the offer.

I also wanted to outline next steps once you decide to extend an offer, for you reference:
1) I’ll confirm the offer details with you and then will create the offer letter.
2) I’ll send the offer letter to you for a final review and once approved by you, I will send the offer to the candidate.
3) Within 24 hours of me sending the offer email, you are expected to call the candidate directly  to congratulate them, get them excited about joining the One Acre Fund family, and answer any of their role-specific questions and directing for HR for benefits or HR-related questions that you are unable to answer accurately.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can provide any additional support.

Thank you,
[Your Name]
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