Guest 196 10th Aug, 2019

                         My wife and I had a horrible experience - possibly racist though I do not like to think that. We're from Toronto and have to stay in Mtl for a month for my wives placement and came here for a few purhcases for our apt. The guy who helped us, I believe his name was Paulo P - could not have been more rude. He was really angry and slamming things and then even marked up our receipt by an extra $50! He added $25 to one of our checkout items and $25 to another. When my wife alerted him he became irate and really mad at us and said he knows the price. I literally had to go and show him the shelf price which was a whole 25 dollars less. He wanted to get us quickly out of the store and was not keen on helping us I was really about to insult him at one point but I just kept my mouth shut as I'm sure something would have been made out of that situation . My wife really wanted to cry after our interaction in the store we were treated with so much disrespect and after doing some investigating it turns out this guy isn't an employee Paulo actually happens to be one of the owners and he was so rude to us. Doesn't he know thats bad for business? And to steal $50 right under our noise. Even though we were communicating with him in English he was talkingg to other people about us in a language that was not French or English it was really rude since it was obvious that he was talking about us and motioning his eyes at us. Really bad and compared to all the other great reviews this feels even worse
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