Top Details About The Difficulties And Preparations Of Trainers

admin 11 8th Aug, 2019

                         A champion horse trainer, Nicky Henderson, confessed that he’s experiencing problems in preparing for the Cheltenham festival races that will happen this March. His two horses in the festival named Verdana Blue and Santini weren’t able to run previously following the new vaccine guidelines established by the BHA. These were implemented when the racing events resumed in the UK after the six-day suspension due to the equine influenza outbreak.

He added that the present situation they’re facing is extremely challenging and everyone is having a hard time. All horses now follow a new regime, and they must also take a break for several days. Even though this is the case, they're handling everything daily. For as a racehorse trainer, he believes that it’s an ideal thing to do. He's also hoping that experts in Cheltenham festival tips, racing supporters, and the general public will trust that trainers know what they’re doing.

Nicky Henderson, and fellow horse trainer Dan Skelton, are currently leading the trainer rankings this season. They mentioned that the Cheltenham festival 2019 will remain as an exciting occasion even after the equine influenza crisis. Skelton also said that numerous people are still interested in the Cheltenham races. And despite the changes made in the preparations, their plans for the festival remained the same.

This racing update initially appeared on https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/other-sports/nicky-henderson-trust-trainers-to-bounce-back-for-cheltenham-festival-after-equine-flu-outbreak-a4065866.html. To view the complete story, kindly follow the link.

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