Guest 34 29th Nov, 2019

                         Many people use computers daily either for playing computer games or solving complex math problems or listening to music or communicating with other people. The first time I started using a computer was at the age of eleven, I was intrigued to find out the theory behind computers and the methodology of how they internally work. My exposure to Programming was from an early age when they have introduced Programming with Java at my school. It gave me a rough idea of how we could instruct the computer to perform tasks at a fundamental level. During the course, I have earned the highest grade of A+.
Standing among the top 1% out of a pool of 150,000, I got an opportunity to pursue under graduate studies at Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, one of the top colleges in my state. During my freshman year in college, I had courses like Programming and Problem Solving, Programming using C++, where I used to come up with innovative solutions to the problems. I have developed an affinity for programming, which compelled me to actively participate in various online coding events on platforms like codechef and hackerrank. I found solace in unravelling the complex problems with innovative ideas. 
In my junior year, I have developed applications in diversified domains. One such application is Attendance Management using Java applets to provide an interface for students and faculty to mark their attendance daily and show them an overall report of their presence for the semester. During this time, I have developed Online Banking System using Socket Programming in C++ to handle the parallel requests and yet maintain the ACID properties of the database transactions. Later that year, I have developed a Community website where students could post various queries regarding college, and it's events, which could be answered by their peers or faculty. I have developed features to filter them by category or order them by popularity using multiple parameters.
I became more acquainted with programming in the junior year of college, from the expertise gained through several coding events, which helped to boost my rating in codechef up to 5-stars. During this time, I have secured a global rank of 600 in March Long Challenge conducted by codechef. In my 7th Semester, I was selected from my college to represent in the ACM-ICPC Regional Contests at Chennai and Amritapuri. The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is a multitier, team-based programming competition, considered to be the "Olympics of Programming Competitions." I, along with two of my peers, have secured the 28th Rank in the ACM-ICPC Chennai Regional. One of the remarkable accomplishments is securing 22nd Rank across the nation at the 2nd ACM-ICPC Regional at Amritapuri.

During my senior year in college as part of the curriculum, I have worked on the project "Separable Reversible Data in Encrypted Images." In this project, I was able to retrieve both the Encrypted Data from the Image and the Encrypted Image independently using methods like Rubik's Cube Scrambling and Pixel Indicator Techniques. To have a loss-less data transfer, we compressed the least significant bits of the encrypted image to constitute a sparse space to accommodate the data to be embedded. By doing this, we can recover the additional data and the original image entirely without any loss by capitalizing on the spatial correlation in natural images.
After my time in college, I have taken up a job in the Development Bank of Singapore to further delve into the field of Computer Science. I worked hands-on with several technologies such as Spring Boot, Apache Kafka, Python, Apache Spark, Airflow, and Hadoop. I have worked on a POC for automatically routing logging messages to different files and in different formats by keeping the implementation in a separate module, thereby providing the flexibility to switch between the underlying logging architectures based on the requirement. I have also developed Adapter patterned API's to handle the requests and responses between the recently developed API's and the legacy code in other systems. I have worked on an analytics project where they capture and integrate the data from multiple source systems, and they use the data to analyze and make decisions to improve their products. We have also used this data to train our Random Forests Classifier Model to find anomalies such as fraudulent transactions, technical glitches. The model yielded an accuracy of 83%. I was able to automate the process of analyzing new data daily and generate reports on it. Although I have worked on various domains of computer science, my research interests align towards Artificial Intelligence and Design of Algorithms.
Multifarious experiences during my undergraduate studies and the industrial exposure from my work experience have laid a strong foundation in the field of computer science. My inquisitive nature towards computer science always propelled me to probe into the unknown dimensions and I believe that pursuing Masters in Computer Science would help me in attaining that goal.
I strongly believe that Arizona State University best maps with my goals and can help me fulfil my ambitions. I find the work of Huan Liu on neural networks and machine learning very interesting. I find Professor Subbarao Kambhampati's research on Human-AI Interaction and the use of Game Theory in Moving Target Defense particularly fascinating. It will be a pleasure to contribute to their work as a Research Assistant. Professors like Yan, Hao, Srivastava, Subbarao etc. and other exceptional students at ASU whose research interests align well with that of mine will help me gain perspective and understanding of the subject that is unparalleled which will result in enabling my dreams for the future.
Arizona State University is known not only for its entrepreneurial essence but also for its ground-breaking research through an amalgamation of tradition with innovation. Thus, ASU is my choice for pursuing graduate studies. I look forward to being a part of the class of Fall 2020 in this prestigious institution.
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