FREE Traffic to Your Shopify Store

Guest 126 11th Sep, 2019

                         Free Traffic Method For Startups Dropshippers!
What is this free traffic method?

One way to get free traffic for your website, you could use this shopify app called Sixads, totally free. Basically the way it works is the app puts ads of other people's shopify products on your store, and in turn the app will put ads for your shopify products on other shopify stores.

Is it actually legit? If it is, does it help?

I'm finding some success with it, and if you dont trust what im saying look it up, its a well reviewed shopify app. You don't have much to lose in my opinion, if it doesnt work out, oh well, but u lost nothing by trying it. it is free after all.

I help you, you help me.

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I wouldn't be writing this post if there wasn't anything in it for me, now there is a referral program and i would gladly appreciate it if you could use my code 39zg98 and get a FREE impression boost up to $6. Redeem it at https://goo.gl/KWQZhM We do both benefit from doing this, you get 6$ to use to boost ads, and obviously so do I. Again, i would be very appreciative and i just wanna wish all of you some luck with dropshipping. It's going to be hard, theres going to be mistakes you're going to make. but keep working at it, and you will slowly improve and improve until you have something somewhat succesful
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