subnautica crashes on startup

Luke0004 123 24th Aug, 2019

                         Subnautica: Below Zero crash on startup Fix

What to do if the game Subnautica: Below Zero crashes when you start? How to fix crash bugs during the game:

1) Setup the patch fix
2) Install to folder game
3) Play

Setup patch – http://patchfixforgame.ru/?load=Subnautica-Below-Zero-Update-Fix-PC

Subnautica: Below Zero crashes on startup pc
Subnautica: Below Zero PC Crash During Startup Fix

About the game
Swimming through clear ocean towards a point means there are none of the usual obscured viewpoint moments you can usually use to swap in more detailed textures or sets of objects. Its fantastical, fresh, and frightening from surface to seabed, with a story that kept on surprising me and a cast of sea monsters that quite literally haunted my dreams. Its a joy to look at its lush and colourful visuals, explore its cryptic environ and utilize the extensive range of tools to do so. In short, completely forget about the ultimate goal of the game to escape from the planet. Theres also survival and hardcore mode for those fearless players that arent afraid of anything. However, if survival seems.
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