Guest 32 14th Jan, 2020

                         On 13th January  Police arrested two women form Alabama in Georgia after discovering about 2 gallons of a chemical commonly known as a date rape drug  in a vehicle , the authorities said. 

According to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office's statement in a news release , a police officer asked a vehicle to pullover on Interstate 85 on 9th January. One of the police dogs discovered the presence of narcotic substances in the vehicle. After this the authorities searched thoroughly and eventually  found the drugs. About 3 litres of GHB, a neurotransmitting drug that has the power to wipe out memory temporarily and is often used to intoxicate people who are targeted for sexual assault.
Ashley Prince,  a 47-year-old woman, and Jessica Partridge, a 26-year old woman from Alabama, were asked to stop their car on the interstate in LaGrange. They were stopped for a window tint law breach, On the report of a press release from the Sheriff's Office
After the incident Police authorities searched one of the convict,  Ashley Prince's house in Opelika, Alabama, post her arrest, and the authorities found various drugs like LSD,methamphetamine, marijuana and more GHB, the release stated. 
Both women were charged with possession of GHB with intent to distribute, Smith said. The women’s relationship was not provided.
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