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                         What is the name of the product or service?
What is it? 
Is a software solution for services - online booking 
What does it do? 
It helps you find a booking time to your favorite service provider at your convenient time or/and can help manage your services and its schedulers to make it available for booking. 
What problems SkedQ solve?
- Booking problem; it should be more convenient and automated.
- Personal space; people should have full control of their personal time and having to constantly answer calls makes it a struggle.
Sometimes it takes ages to book what you need using a phone call: if the other side can't reply now or is not available/busy and you need to wait. it can really take about 24 hours or more to do planning.
With SkedQ solution people are going to be independent from the other side and do the planning at the time they need - 5 mins or even less.
What are the main features of SkedQ?
a) Businesses or individuals
- Flexible settings of scheduler for each service: breaks, vacations, working time, booking time
- Canceling/Accepting bookings
- Clients mailing
- Booking statistics
b) Services clients
- Canceling/Moving bookings
- Reviews and rates
- Reminders
- No cash payment
Where can i find it? 
It is available via web browser and social media bots such as Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook.. 
Please take a look at our website: skedq.com (
this is an old version of the site, now a new one is being created, so it just for better understanding)
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