Guest 15 6th Nov, 2019

                         Seicane Andriod 9.0 player hardware issues.
My existing case: 1144 00000 5091996

I contacted customer service almost immediately to report the defect, and went back and forth almost daily until they decided to mail me or fix the unit issues.

I am facing below issues with Android car unit:

1. Rear camera doesn't ON and i followed manual instructions still same issue and i have taken 
professional support to resolve but still not resolve as he suspect with Android hardware problem.
2. OBD Bluetooth pairing is not happening, and i have done factory reset to still issue not resolved
3. Touch  some times works some times may not working it's misbehave like any thing and every time i need to reset.

I have contacted seller via Aliexpress chat i have clearly explian the issues with Andriod Unit issues they give all silly solutions and it's doesn't work more over they are not in position to understand english what customer is saying.
they doesn't give any information on product for troubleshooting, like how to restore Andriod 9 or Firware reload etc.. simply they ignore. i have feedup contacting them, provided evidence also via google drive links.



But the worst part is their No-customer service, I take the time to put together thoughtful email [email protected] and via Aliexpress chat with the details, photos and videos of the issue but still they not responded any mail or support.

Seller is trying give 20$ compensate but i have spent 100$ for professional support for multiple visit but still issues is not resolved.

Kindly accept my issues raise fund.
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