Guest 47 1st Sep, 2019

                         Here's the changelog:

Proper ray tracing of stairs, slabs, fences, doors, trapdoors, pressure plates, snow, and carpet blocks!
Improved AMD graphics card compatibility (though some bugs still remain)
Improved performance on AMD graphics cards significantly by using instancing instead of geometry shaders
Added Raytracing Options > Geometry Trace Quality option, for controlling the ray tracing of non-cube geometry
Added Raytracing Options > GI Filter Quality option. Set this to Low for a decent speedup at the cost of lower quality diffuse indirect lighting
Fixed unpowered redstone lamps and torches giving off light
Fixed black sky from underwater bug
Fixed sunlight specular not showing on metallic surfaces
Fixed metallic surfaces going black when Full Raytrace Reflections is Off (Screen-space reflections still show issues on metallic surfaces though)
Fixed issue where voxelization would sometimes break and cause lighting bugs when high resolution resource packs were used
Fixed normal maps changing appearance/depth based on resolution of resource pack
Fixed ray traced reflections not considering atmospheric scattering
Fixed atmospheric scattering causing lighting bugs during rain
Improved color accuracy of secondary GI bounces (and gives slight reduction in "disco floor" effect)
Added ReinhardJodie tonemap operator
Implemented proper ACES tonemap color transformations
Fixed errors caused by some combinations of post processing settings with boosted saturation
Tweaked sunlight colors, should be more natural now
Fixed auto-exposure adjustment reading from the wrong screen position
Added new (custom and not physically based at all) algorithm for converting kelvin color temperature to RGB, used for Torchlight Color Temp setting
Added much more granularity in many adjustable shader options, and many have been converted to sliders
Fixed bug where reflections were sometimes brighter than the thing they were reflecting
Better depth-based rejection for GI filter, so edges of blocks are much cleaner up-close, and far away diagonal surfaces aren't as splotchy
Improved shadow appearance, spots of sunlight no longer look like little targets, but like full-shaded discs.
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