Gelbooru vs. Danbooru

Guest 49 10th Oct, 2019

                         Objective comparison of Gelbooru to Danbooru

+ Lets you search with how many tags you want
+ Lets you search with only excluded tags
+ Gelbooru displays 28 images per page
+ No upload limit
+ No moderator approval for images
+ Loli and shotacon are allowed (you don't require a paid account to view them like with danbooru)
+ More types of pornography are allowed in moderation (guro, furry, though this can be a bad thing for some)
+ Lets you use an avatar that you and other people can see on your profile
+ Everyone can vote on a post
- There are more advertisements
- There is the 10 second advertisement pause you must view to continue browsing every now and then
- Because images are less frequently moderated, the bar of quality is lower

+ More profile detail
+ Lets you subscribe to a tag to see when a new image is posted under that tag (though this is a privilege you have to pay for)
+ Posts are more frequently translated
+ Automatically adds some tags that are closely related (e.g. the very_long_hair tag automatically adds the long_hair tag to the post)
+ There are more pools
- Because of moderator approval being required, some images never see the light of day or are never allowed
- Website design is worse overall
- You can only search with 2 tags unless you buy special privileges, which even then only gives you 6 tags to search with, as compared to gelbooru's no limit on tags
- Images uploaded to danbooru automatically get uploaded to gelbooru, but not vice versa
- Some pages are ``mysteriously'' missing due to being omitted, deleted or hidden
- You may only upload 5 posts a day
- You can only make 2 comments an hour
- You can only vote on posts if you purchase privileges
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