Guest 13 6th Nov, 2019

                         Why did you "stop"?
- I need to take a break. As much as I like making music and talking to you all, I think I should leave for a while. I am spending a ridiculous amount of time at the computer just wasting my time away. I knew I was/am addicted, but I didn't care. I was once a great student with basically straight As, now I am glad if I get a B-. Shows what it has done to me.
I can't go to any good, or even mediocre highschool if I don't do anything with my grades. I will need to work like crazy to at least be accepted for the school entrance exam.
-I need to fix many problems I accumulated over a 2 to 3 year period (not counting school), and that will take time. I will need to fix my habits as I have been mistreating myself for a while now. I have to also figure out how to deal with my pubescent brain going crazy all the time. I also did some pretty awful things that hunt me to this day.
I know that many people will get angry that I yet again left. But I hope you understand this time.

When will you return?
- I don't know if I will return, or when. As said above, I am tired.

Will you make music?
- Only if all my tasks are properly finished, but that doesn't mean I will upload it online. I have been quite blank for some time, and I don't think uploading mediocre content is something you followed me for. I want to make stuff I want to make, I don't care what the genre is. I just want to create.

Can I ask you a question?
- Yes, but remember that I don't have much time. So it might take a while. (https://ask.fm/NotReal971)
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