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                         Eze.3:10: Listen and take to heart the Word Of God.

Ezekiel was told to speak God's words to His rebellious people. It seems Ezekiel was warned that the Israelites would not listen. He was sent to meet the challenge of a difficult ministry. He also was asked to take God's words to heart before preaching them to others. God's message must sink deep into your heart and show in your actions before you can effectively help others understand and apply the gospel. 

Ezekiel was to serve as a "watchman." This post, though one with heavy responsibilities, required no special skills or training. He only had to stand on the city walls and, if any danger approached, raised the alarm to warn the citizens. I suppose a loud voice might be necessary and the ability to stay awake nights. But beyond that, there wasn't much to the watchman's job at all. How was Ezekiel to be like a watchman? Well, he was to warn the people: to shout about the danger that approached. Then it was up to those who heard his cries to heed and deal with the danger. No one could blame the watchman if the citizens, warned about the danger, plugged their ears, rolled over, and went back to sleep! But the watchman, while his job was easy, carried a heavy responsibility. 

Now that we know about the gospel, we’d be accountable to God if we didn’t lead people to it. It's helpful if we think of each Christian's "job description" in the same way. It takes no special qualification to serve our neighbors as a watchman. No seminary degree is required. Not even mastery of Scripture, or great spiritual depth. All that's called for is awareness that friends without Christ are in terrible peril--and a voice to lift to give them warning. We can't guarantee that any individual will respond. But if we remain silent, we carry some responsibility for that other's fate. 

Also, while there's a need for foreign missionaries, most Christians are called to minister to people in their own society, whose language and customs are familiar. 

There was this story regarding a 20-year-old applying to the mission board for overseas service. He was asked how many people he had witnessed to during the preceding week. His answer was, "Well, none." How about the preceding month? Six months? Again, the answer was, "No one." The chairman of the interviewing board then asked him, "Young man, what makes you think being overseas will make you into a missionary, when you do no missionary work at home?" 

That's why Victory's call to "Love the City" is really important. We need to start with the people closest to our hearts.
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