Guest 11 5th Nov, 2019

                         My Dear Nicholas, 
it is with mixed feelings of embarrassment and regret that I am writing to inform you of the death of your uncle Tiberius. His passing will be of some relief to a number of his relatives given the shame of his last days, but I know that you were close and will undoubtedly be saddened by his passing. 
Before his death he instructed me to tell you that you are his chosen heir, and I would love to tell you what it is that you have inherited. Unfortunately this is not possible. Tiberius, with his customary infuriating insistence on security has encrypted his Last Will and Testament, and in his instructions he makes it clear that he wants you to assist me in deciphering the text. It will be my responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your decryption. 
A cursory examination of the will suggests that it is encyphered with a variety of methods, some more challenging than others and that these fall naturally into eight sections. I suggest that we examine each in turn and compare our answers. 
Tiberius was a wealthy man and I very much hope that you will inherit much of his estate. Perhaps we will in time be able to forget his disgrace. 
Yours affectionately 

Here you will find the text of the challenges - just click on the appropriate heading in the left hand column to view each one. 

The text of each challenge will be published at a scheduled time (see the rules page for details) as a cipher text for you to crack, and the solution will be published here after the deadline. 

You can cut and paste the cipher text from your browser and you will be able to use a word processor or spreadsheet to play around with the text and to help you decipher it. For tips and hints on how to tackle the ciphers you can download our Teachers Pack, or take a look at one of the books listed in Harry's Amazon store.
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